Ute Poser

As human beings we develop from a dependent baby to making an impact to our environment and community. For this we need to learn to interact with the environment in a meaningful way to achieve our potential. Through the integration of our sensory system we learn auditory processing, visual spatial skills, neuro-motor skills, language, social cognitive skills and of course the cognitive skills. As an OT, I focus on this integration by identifying strengths and needs, promoting skills, assisting with the tolerance of sensory needs, providing chances to learn and experience various skills through play and activities, and providing adaptive challenges to learn self awareness. I worked in the pediatric field for the past 15 years and I am passionate about finding each child’s potential. I have done various courses in sensory integration, vestibular training, gross- or fine-motor and cognitive skills. I have also done the search and teach training. I believe that one never stops learning.