Lynn Aron

Principal/Director of SCILD and NILD educational therapist.

Curriculum Vitae
I have been teaching for 32 years and have a passion for children with learning difficulties, hence the development of the SCILD centre. It brings such joy to us as teachers when we see children develop and reach their innate potential and to see the positive effects of their success on their family and loved ones.
My two children have been through the NILD programme. My son who is dyslexic has overcome all odds and is in his second year at the University of Stellenbosch and my daughter did two years of NILD Educational therapy in Grades 4 and 5 and she has just graduated with distinctions in her Honours in Social Work. She is now employed by the University of Stellenbosch as a supervisor and is also doing her Honours in Psychology.
Our motto is, “ Never give up!”
I thank God for the opportunities that He has given us to help others.